3 Types of Exercises to Help You Fight Erectile Dysfunction

If you would enjoy better “physical joy” in the bedroom, you need to boost your everyday physical activity from the bedroom as well. Are you one of those 30 million men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED)? If that is the situation, you may be feeling trapped in your life. You can’t get or maintain an erection as you used to, which may hurt your confidence, your familiarity, in addition to your relationships. There could be a lack of intimacy between you and your partner. You may be falling into anxiety or depression, or you might have difficulty getting your partner pregnant. Although there are some helpful tips to help you with erectile dysfunction, as posted in https://www.resolutionsante.com/3050/sante-sexuelle-5-conseils-et-astuces-pour-garder-une-bonne-erection/, some of them have to be proven further. Fortunately, exercise is still the best restorative measure to fight ED. Posted below are some of the activities that you can try.


Kegels aren’t just for girls. These exercises are one of the best ways to restore your overall sexual health because they target your abdominal muscles. Kegel exercises can strengthen two key muscles: the pubococcygeus (PC) and the perineal muscles. The pubococcygeus is the muscle that stops the flow of urine, and the perineal muscles are the muscle that supports erectile rigidity and ejaculation. Overall, the strength of these muscles impacts erections, sexual experience, ejaculation, and bladder. Like many of our muscles, these pelvic muscles often weaken as we age. Think of lifting: the more you usually use a dumbbell, the more your bicep grows. All muscles get stronger as you use them. It is valid for the pelvic muscles as well.

Kegel exercises are a lot like lifting, but for your manhood. The stronger your sex muscles are, the longer you will be able to control your erections and stamina.

Aerobics Training

A variety of testimonials and research have found that aerobic exercise will help improve erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow. By working out, your heart is pumping faster, and it “clears out” your veins from buildup and blockages caused by obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease (which all contribute to ED). Remember, nitric oxide forces blood flow to the penis to maintain an erection and calms the cells in the penis to allow for stiffness. What kind of aerobic exercise should you do? Anything that benefits your heart rate up. It could be running, using the elliptical, rowing, swimming, or dancing. Good conservative walking has essential health benefits. I usually recommend avoiding bicycling because it leads to other male sexual health problems.

Lifting and Squats

Cardiovascular exercise helps burn fat and improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but weight loss should not be overlooked either. Although low testosterone and erectile dysfunction are not the same things, data suggests that they are linked somehow. In case you have low testosterone, you will certainly not have any attraction to sexual activity; instead, having sex means your penis will become rancid, which can eventually weaken your pelvic muscles and trigger ED.

Lifting can regulate hormones, improve metabolism, and support weight reduction – many of these factors can be crucial to erectile function. Squats are one of the essential exercises because they use a whole range of muscle groups simultaneously. The more you work, the more benefits you get. Squats are resistance exercises performed at higher levels of intensity, the perfect combination to increase testosterone levels. Squats also increase blood flow to the pelvic area.